Are you Looking for a vegan cheese alternative which
tastes like cheese and melts like cheese?
WELCOME – you just found what you are looking for!

Vegan Pizza Recipes

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Veganic Pizza Cheese

A delicious vegan alternative to cook “au gratin”, finely grated and full of flavour. The taste and consistency the Veganic Pizza Cheese hardly differs from dairy cheese
It is perfect for topping Pizza, Pasta or Lasagne.


Violife by Viotros

If you have been missing out the joy of cheese we have the perfect product range for you, which is based exclusively on vegetable components, of no animal origin.

Violife is ideal for individuals following healthier eating habits, vegetarians & vegans, religious dietary groups as well as for lactose & soya intolerant consumers and is available in
1O delicious flavours.


The brand-new vegan cheese alternatives

The Veganic Pizza Cheese and Vioslife are produced exclusively with vegetable ingredients. Both are 100% dairy free. They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and generally for all individuals that have eliminated meat, dairy and other animal origin products from their diet. Having a significant nutritional value, both products are an essential for thousands of people both for health reasons, such as lactose intolerance, or religious reasons, such as periods of fasting.